Educator-Led Distance Learning

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, families and students will continue to be provided with regular communication from St. Nicholas CES. Our hope is to provide an update on the past week’s activities and an overview of the goals for the upcoming week. Our wish is that regular communication will reduce the understandable anxiety students and families may be facing.


Moving from classroom learning to a distance learning model in a very short time is a challenge, and the WCDSB is working continuously to ensure that students have equitable opportunities to learn from home.


We know that our commitment to strong relationships between educators, students, and families will be critical to our students experiencing success and well-being. It has been truly heartwarming to hear the extremely positive and appreciative responses from our parents and students regarding the contact with student homes our educators are making. We know our students miss the school staff they interact with daily, and that our staff miss their students, too.


During this past week (March 30 – April 3) St. Nicholas staff: 

  • connected with our students and families
  • assessed the needs of families, students and educators as we planned for distance learning
  • continued to familiarize themselves and our families with the Ministry and WCDSB@Home distance learning websites.

With the announcement from the Premier of Ontario and Minister of Education last week, students and families will see a shift to more educator-led distance learning.


Educator-led distance learning has many forms, and we are committed to ensuring our students can access these learning opportunities. We believe that educators know their students best and bring a wealth of educational knowledge and experience that is indispensable.


Our goals for this week (April 6 – 9) include:    

  • Educators beginning educator-led distance learning with students via D2L (5 hrs of work/week for students in K – 6 & 10 hrs in 7 & 8)
  • Building the capacity of our educators (teachers, RECEs, EAs, CYCWs) to deliver distance learning for all students.

Please know we are deeply committed to ensuring the equity of learning for all our students.


For those families and students who have communicated that they need a device, please be aware that most of those devices have been rolled out, with some to be shared throughout this week.


We appreciate that there are questions regarding assessment, evaluation or timelines for curriculum goals. We are currently working with the WCDSB & Ministry of Education on these items and will provide more information as it becomes available.


Continue to monitor the WCDSB Coronavirus Updates, our website, Newswire, Twitter (@stnkspirit) and Instagram (@stnicholasspirit) for any updates.


Stay safe and healthy, Spirit!