Good Day St. Nicholas Community,

As you are all aware, this past week we have experienced a March Break like none other. Below you will find updates from the Minister of Education, the WCDSB and St. Michael Parish.

I had the opportunity to speak with our staff, virtually, this morning. We are all hopeful that you and your families are healthy. Know that we are awaiting direction on how we will proceed with your children’s education. Based on current information, I expect to meet with the WCDSB’s Senior Team tomorrow and then again with our staff on Wednesday. It is my hope that I will have more information for everyone by Thursday.

We often comment on how busy we are. Given our current situation, please take a few moments to continue to enjoy some quality time with your family.

All the best in the days ahead.

Tyrone Dowling

A Message from the Minister of Education

Please see attached.

Minister Letter to Parents – EN – March 22 2020

Covid-19 WCDSB Update

The COVID-19 situation in Ontario is continuing to evolve and WCDSB is committed to keeping you informed. As updates are available or new questions emerge, we are posting to our Board website.  We encourage you to continue checking there for updates.

At WCDSB we are also launching #STEAMDays – a fun and interactive way to keep the learning happening at home as we work our way through the unprecedented COVID-19 shutdown.

In times like these, it is vital for one and all to come together – and #STEAMDays will provide a convenient platform for parents and educators alike to share ideas, resources and fun ways to keep the learning process going. As ideas are shared, we will gather some of them and post via our website:

St. Michael’s Parish Update

We are blessed at St Michael Parish with an exciting and energetic Children’s Ministry program. We want you and your child to still be connected to our parish family even in the midst of the difficult challenge of Covid-19. Our commitment to you does not end, even if for now we cannot come together in person. We are providing a special Children’s Message which will go along with our Online Broadcast of the Sunday Mass. We hope that you will tune in beginning at 9:00am on Sunday and available for re play all day long.

While it is a painful moment in the life of the Church to take the extreme measures of not being able to be present for Communion and Mass on the Lord’s Day, we pray that they will aid in combating the pandemic that has affected so many in our own community and around the world.

Once again, we pray for those suffering and for those who are caring for the sick. We are facing many trials during our Lenten journey this year. We take these to prayer and look for opportunities to be the face of Jesus to all those whom we encounter. May God continue to bless you and know that I miss you and we love you very much – you are not alone!

(Both Links below will go Live on Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 9:00am and be available throughout the day).



We will also be producing some Youth Ministry resources this coming week for our teenagers and pre-teens. Our parish hopes also to connect via Zoom this coming week – watch for more details. Keep up to date on all things via our website  and check out our new weekly E Newsletter.