Spirit Athletics

Congratulations to our Girls’ Basketball team and our Boys’ Volleyball team on their successful seasons. Both teams competed in the Resurrection/St. David League and performed well, concluding their seasons at last week’s WCDSB Championship tournaments. The girls secured the AA Championship with a 5th place overall finish in the board. The boys wrapped up the A Championship with their 7th place finish. Thanks to the coaches, athletes and parent drivers/fans for their efforts over the course of the season. You all represented St. Nicholas well!

Confirmation – December 1

Confirmation takes place on December 1st at 10 am at St. Michael Church. Please keep our students in your prayers as they participate in this celebration. They have spent a significant amount of time preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and we are proud of their efforts.

Advent Mass – December 6

Our school will celebrate our Advent mass and the Feast of St. Nicholas at St. Michael’s Church on December 6 at 10 am. All are welcome to join us.

 PA Day – December 7

No school for students on December 7th. It is a Professional Activity Day (Faith Day) for staff. Our staff will be participating in activities centered around our faith.

 Theme Days 2018

Crazy Hair Day – November 30

Pajama Day – December 21

Junior Christmas Concert – December 17

Our annual Junior Christmas Concert will be taking place this year on Monday, December 17th at 11:00am in the gym.  There will also be an intermediate group of students performing, as well as our St. Nicholas choir. You will be treated to a variety of Christmas music on recorder, ukulele, and vocal pieces as well. All families of performing students are welcome to come.

December Fit Bit – Healthy Food Donations

Many food banks, religious organizations, workplaces and schools host food drives to support local families in need. Follow these tips for making your food donations as healthy as possible all year round!

  1. Choose fruit canned in water

A lot of non-perishable fruit options are canned in sugar-based syrup or juice which can provide unnecessary added sugar to an otherwise healthy product. Simply check the ingredient list for added sugar and the label for the phrase “packed in water” to be sure it doesn’t include sneaky added sugars.

  1. Be smart about salt

Non-perishables such as canned vegetables, pasta sauces, legumes (e.g. beans, lentils, chickpeas) and soups are known for containing high amounts of sodium, which is added during processing. Choose products that contain less than 15 per cent of your daily sodium per serving for heart healthy options.

  1. Keep an eye out for whole grains

There are an endless number of non-perishable grain products that can make healthy food donations. Choose whole grain products to get the most nutritional value for your dollar. Items such as rolled oats, whole grain couscous or pasta, and brown rice are versatile and nutritious options with a long shelf life.

  1. Pack a punch with protein

Protein is an important part of a healthy diet and emergency food programs are always in search of non-perishable, high protein items. Canned light tuna, nut butters and legumes are great sources of protein. Choose these items over dried, processed meats such as beef jerky. Milk and alternatives such as powdered milk and shelf stable fortified soy beverage are also a good source of protein that can be purchased in a non-perishable state.

  1. Skip the grocery shopping

You can also provide monetary donations directly to emergency food providers. This allows the organization to purchase the foods they need the most!

For more healthy non-perishable food ideas check out the Better Foods To Buy List.