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St. Michael Parish News

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Meet the Teacher Night

Please remember that our Meet the Teacher Night is Sep. 12th from 6 – 7:30 pm.

Opening Mass

Our opening mass of the year will be celebrated at St. Michael on September 19th at 10 am. Please join us if you can.

Traffic Flow Patterns at St. Nicholas CES

As you all know, traffic on Laurelwood Drive during the entry and dismissal times at St. Nicholas CES can be quite hectic. Our school community is working with the City of Waterloo, WRPS and the WCDSB Health and Safety department on a regular basis to try and alleviate some of the ongoing concerns for the safety our students.

Attached to this message is an aerial photo of the school, our parking lot and the adjoining streets. We would ask that all families take a moment to review the drop off/pick up procedures we have in place as we attempt to reduce the chances of anyone being injured travelling to or from St. Nicholas. They are listed below for your reference:

  • The school parking lot is for staff and daycare use ONLY. All parents are asked to park on one of the side streets across from the school (visible on the map) and have their child(ren) walk to the crossing guard adjacent to Holly View Place to cross Laurelwood Drive.
  • The entrance (marked as A on the map) at the west end of Laurelwood Drive (closest to Cedar Bend Drive) is for school vehicles (buses, taxis, WCDSB fleet vehicles) and staff to access the parking lot on the west side of the school or directly in front of the school.
  • The entrance (marked as A on the map) directly across from Holly View Place is for school vehicles (buses, taxis, WCDSB fleet vehicles) and daycare staff/clients. Upon entry, all vehicles MUST turn left, as traffic in front of the school is only one way (west to east).
  • The exit (marked as B on the map) at the east end of Laurelwood Drive (closest to Brookmill Crescent) is only to be used as an EXIT.
  • If you are using Cedar Bend Drive or Brookmill Crescent as a drop off/pick up point for your child, please ensure that they ONLY cross Laurelwood Drive with the crossing guard on the crosswalk across from Holly View Place. Additionally, please respect our neighbours and avoid parking in front of their driveways. DO NOT USE Holly View Crescent or you will receive a ticket from the City of Waterloo.
  • If you are using the townhouse complex immediately west of the school, please respect our neighbours and avoid parking in front of their driveways. Ensure that you are on the lookout for cyclists coming down the hill on Laurelwood Drive, from the west (from Laurelwood Drive and Erbsville Road).
  • Note that the distance from Cedar Bend Drive and Brookmill Place to the cross walk is just over 100 metres in each direction.

We would like to thank you in advance for planning your day so that you allow plenty of time for your child to arrive at school safely and on time. Look for more information to be sent out about Active and Safe Routes to School (in partnership with the City of Waterloo) and Walking Wednesdays. It is our hope to reduce traffic flow significantly over the next 10 months to make the area surrounding St. Nicholas a safer and healthier (reduction of emissions) space for all of us.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the school.

Traffic Flow Map

Communication Guidelines for Parents & Staff

As partners with parents and guardians in the education of our students, the WCDSB’s school staffs, the senior team and the Board of Trustees are always interested in receiving information and feedback from the community.

It keeps us in touch with day-to-day life in our schools and helps us anticipate and deal quickly and effectively with any questions or concerns you may have concerning your child’s education.

Since 1999, the school board has operated using a very straightforward, transparent and extremely successful set of Communication Guidelines for Parents & Staff. These easy-to-follow steps are in place to help parents / guardians resolve questions or concerns quickly, right there at school, where the overwhelming majority of issues are resolved.

The guidelines are very simple:

  1. A)If you have a question or concern involving your child, you should always first speak directly to the child’s teacher.
  2. B)If the issue remains unresolved, you should next speak to the school Principal.
  3. C)If the issue continues to be unresolved, you should speak to the Superintendent of Learning for that school. Click here for Contact Information.

Our schools are already off and running to a fantastic start!

We’re looking forward to a #WCDSBAwesome 2019-20 school year — and we thank you sincerely for your ongoing support and cooperation as we continue being #HeartOfTheCommunity and #CalledtoBelong!

Fair Notice and Process


PA Day – Sep. 20

Staff will be participating in a professional activity day on September 21st. They will be working on our School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement, as well as Assessment and Evaluation.

No school for students on this day.

Community News

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Owl Child Care at St. Nicholas