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Spirit Update 21


Virtue Assembly – Effective Communicator (I Have A Voice)

Our Effective Communicator assembly will take place on April 6 at 1:15 pm.

PA Day – April 13th

Please mark your calendars. There will be no school for students on this day. Staff will be working on Ministry of Education Priorities:

  • Student Achievement
  • Student Success
  • Special Education.

Traffic Flow

As we return from Easter we’d like to remind everyone of our parking policy. We have noticed that parents are parking in the side lot and in the daycare lot before and after school. Please do not use these spaces.

Thank you to all the families who have been walking their children to and from school, as well as those that use alternative streets to drop off and pick up their children. Everyone is reminded that you are only to use the school parking lot if you need to come into the school. Please remember that our student safety is a joint responsibility.

Our traffic flow map is listed under About Us on our school website.

Resurrection CSS Mental Health & Wellness Night – Apr. 25th

Evening on Mental Health and Wellness put on by our School Council on Wednesday, April 25th.

Mental Health Wellness Event – April 25 2018 – RCSS PRO Grant Flyer

A Message from St. Michael’s Catholic Parish

St. Michael’s Parish presents YOUTH ALPHA starting Thursday, May 3rd at 6:15 pm in the Parish Center.

Youth Alpha is a program for grade 7/8 and up, designed to engage young people in discussion, fellowship, and spiritual growth. It begins with a hot meal, video talk, and small group discussion with a new theme each week illuminating the Christian faith. It is a safe environment to share, listen, and encourage one another no matter where they are in their faith journey.

The Parish gladly welcomes youth who are interested in participating to register for the program with Mrs. Laughlin at or by calling 519-884-9311 extension 34. Please visit for more information. The course will run each Thursday until June 28th. There is no cost for this program, free will donations are warmly welcomed.


“Over 18” Documentary Screening at St. Michael’s Parish on Wednesday, April 18th at 7:00 pm facilitated by Teresa Hartnett, Director of the Office of Family Ministry at the Diocese of Hamilton.

Pornography Addiction among Children and Teens has become a growing concern for parents/guardians/grandparents. By attending this showing of the documentary you will learn more about the issue, its impact on our children and how to protect your children, grandchildren, or students.  The mature content (be assured there are no graphic visuals) means that only those age 18 or over should attend. See the trailer at for more information.


Fit Bit April 2018 – From Seed to Table!

Gardening is a fun, hands-on activity that teaches children where food comes from and is a great family activity. Growing food can help foster healthy eating habits and attitudes as children are often willing to eat fresh vegetables and fruit that they have grown.

Include children in all stages of the gardening process. They can plant the seeds, water and feed the plant, pick the produce, and help to prepare a meal.

Growing a Cherry Tomato Plant


  • A package of cherry tomato seeds
  • A small pot, seed tray, clean yogurt container, egg shell, or newspaper folded into a container shape
  • A spoon or small hand-held shovel
  • Seed starting soil
  • Fertilizer
  • An outdoor pot


  1. Start planting in April, unless the seed package says to start at a different time.
  2. Fill the pot with the seed starting soil and level out the top.
  3. Place the seed on top and cover with a small layer of soil. Water the seed.
  4. Place in a warm and sunny place.
  5. As the plant grows, remember to water and use fertilizer. (Read the directions on the seed bottle or box for frequency and guidance.)
  6. Transfer the seedling into an outdoor pot and place it outside after the last frost (June). For the first few days outdoors, keep the plant in a shadier spot away from the wind.

Caprese Salad Skewers

Makes 15-20 skewers


  • 15-30 cherry tomatoes picked from plant
  • 1 bunch of fresh basil
  • 1 container reduced-fat bocconcini mozzarella cheese (20% M.F.)
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • 1 package of small skewers

Place one cherry tomato, bocconcini and basil leaf onto a skewer.

Once all skewers are complete, place on a plate and lightly drizzle with balsamic vinegar.