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Spirit Update 25

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all our mothers the best on May 13th. Thank you for all that you’ve done for us!

St. Nicholas CES Track & Field Meet – May 14th

The students in grades 4 – 8 will be participating in our annual track and field meet at Resurrection CSS on Monday, May 14th. Please remember:

  • To dress according to the weather (we will go ahead rain or shine);
  • To pack healthy food for the day;
  • To hydrate this weekend & bring water;
  • To apply sun screen and wear a hat;
  • That electronic devices (e.g., cell phones) are not permitted;
  • To have fun!

Catholic Education Week Wrap Up

A great big shout out to all the community members who visited St. Nicholas to share their story this week!

Every classroom spent 30 mins with 3 or 4 guest speakers.

Each speaker spoke about their role in our community, how literacy or numeracy are included in their daily lives/work and many read to the class.

Ask your child who they met and what their story was?

Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grant Input

Every year, school councils in Ontario can apply for a PRO grant to fund activities that encourage parent and child engagement in the school setting. We are looking for input on what parents would be interested in participating in with their children at St Nicholas. Please see the updated link below to complete a brief survey.

PRO Grant Survey

St. Nicholas Annual BBQ

Save the date for the St. Nicholas End of Year B.B.Q. taking place on Wednesday, June 6th from 5:00 – 7:30 pm.

Event will run rain or shine.

Don’t miss out on the activities that will include “Five” the magician, carnival games, music, dancing and a visit from Waterloo Region First Responders.

Other fun activities will include a photo booth, face painting, basket raffle, cake walk and bake sale.

Food will be made available for purchase at the BBQ (hamburgers, hotdogs, ice cream), or feel free to pack your own picnic! More details to come about purchasing food tickets in advance.

We are looking for volunteers to help at the BBQ. Please contact Tharen ( if you have time to give before the event (preparing baskets, baking, etc.) or on the day of the event (selling tickets, running games, face painting, etc.)

Fit Bit May 2018

Sports Snacks for Kids!

Water is all you need!

A common myth is that kids need sports or energy drinks to improve their performance. Water is the best choice to hydrate before, during and after physical activity.

It is rare that children or youth need a sports drink. These products are designed for athletes who exercise intensely for a long period of time and cannot eat, for example, athletes that participate in triathlons.

Energy drinks can be dangerous for children and youth due to their high caffeine content and should be avoided.

Fuelling Sports Performance

Recreational sports do not usually increase children’s energy requirements. Children’s nutrition needs can be met through a healthy diet, as recommended by Canada’s Food Guide.

If you think your child’s participation in sports may require a specialized diet or supplements, consult with a Registered Dietitian for guidance.

Food Provided After the Game

Sometimes caregivers reward kids for participating or winning with indulgent food. This can create an unhealthy relationship with food as children may start to expect treats every time they are physically active. Providing rewards for being physically active also takes away from the enjoyment and reward of the activity itself.

Sometimes teams decide to bring food to the field after games or practices. If kids are hungry after physical activity, try these snack ideas:

  • Fruit kebabs – put grapes, berries, melon or other fruit on a skewer
  • Apples
  • Berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries)
  • Melon slices or cubes
  • Raw vegetable sticks (i.e. carrots, bell peppers) and hummus
  • For a more substantial snack, try cheese strings and whole grain crackers

Don’t forget to rinse fruit and vegetables before preparing and serving!