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Spirit Update #4

Keeping Our Kids Safe – Traffic Flow

Please see the attachment below from the City of Waterloo.


Parents who have an OWL Daycare parking pass are reminded that the school lot is not to be accessed unless you are dropping off or picking up from the daycare. Thanks to all of you for the improved traffic flow that you’ve committed to in recent weeks. We appreciate you taking the time to communicate our traffic flow expectations to anyone else who may be dropping off or picking your child(ren).

Eco Schools Update – Student Lunches

Did you know that school lunches are a major source of waste in Ontario? In fact, the average student’s lunch generates a total of 30 kilograms of waste per school year, or an average of 8,500 kilograms of waste per school per year.

To engage students in small environmental initiatives that can make a significant impact, St. Nicholas is a waste free, boomerang lunch school.  What this means is that students are encouraged to pack lunches that have little to no waste in them.  It also means that anything that can’t be recycled will be returned home.  Here are some tips:

  • Use a reusable lunch bag/box for carrying a lunch;
  • Use a refillable bottle for drinks;
  • If you choose to use a single-serving container, please make sure it is recyclable;
  • Put sandwiches, muffins, etc. in reusable containers, instead of plastic bags. Label them with your child’s name so they have a better chance of coming home;
  • Avoid pre-packaged, single-serve portions of snacks;
  • Put re-usable napkins in your child’s lunch box;
  • Prepare extra food at dinnertime and use the leftovers for lunches;
  • Minimize the morning rush by packing lunches the night before and refrigerating overnight.

Other initiatives that St. Nicholas will participate in throughout the school year are: anti-idling campaigns, walk to school campaigns, and Earth Hour. Stay tuned for our next Eco-Schools update.


Halloween Dance-a-thon

Our annual Halloween Dance-a-thon will be taking place on October 27th. On that day, students are encouraged to dress in orange and black, while they can wear their costumes on October 31st. Please look for more information coming home with your child this week.


Literacy & Math Support for Gr. 7 & 8

2017 Skills Builder for School Newsletter

Picture Day

School photos will be taken on October 11th.

Spirit Athletics

Congratulations to our Ultimate Frisbee teams who competed at the WCDSB tournament at RIM Park on October 5th. Our athletes demonstrated skill, enthusiasm and Spirit pride as they represented us. Well done Spirit!

Our Girls Basketball and Boys Volleyball teams kick off their season with league play beginning on October 11th. We wish them luck over the course of their season. Go Spirit!